Anonymous said: confession: i've had a huge crush on you ever since i took a class with you a year and a half ago. though i do admire your looks, it was your personality that really grabbed me. i was amazed by how someone my age was into the same things i was into when other people thought of me as weird for liking it (russian literature, classical music, etc). i regret only speaking to you once but i'm glad that you've found a boyfriend who makes you very happy.

Well I am not sure when this got in my inbox, being as I have been absent from my space on Tumblr for a couple weeks. Though whoever wrote this is too kind to me. I am not quite sure who it is, if it is that young man who wrote me that goodbye letter in one of my lectures, thank you. If not, still thank you. Thank you for allowing me a little space in your heart if even just for a moment. 

Thank you also, because I am very happy and am basking in the joy I’m brought through my current relationship. It is amazing to feel something that isn’t just in your mind or heart, but in your soul and the very tips of your fingers. 

Maps & Macaroons
If it isn’t obvious, the best macaroons I have ever tasted were from a small shop on a side street in Paris. Also, I was phone less. I had no service except for wifi, therefore I fumbled my way around the city with only a paper map, decent French, and my sense of direction. 
Paris, France

Anonymous said: New follower! Just wanted to say I love your photos!!!

Welcome! :) 

&& Thank you so much!

An artist’s nook (if you look closely you can see him behind the door). 
Paris, France 2014
Breakfast with my love. 
Long summer days. Laguna Beach, California
Sous le ciel de Paris.Paris, France
Just remember in the blank there is color, in the darkness there is light. Laguna Beach, California 
Beautiful mornings lately, enjoying a cup of tea and my own company…. Trying to figure out visa issues… (hier: Green Bliss - The Cafe)
Chinatown Summer Nights, Downtown Los AngelesWe asked the old Chinese man to write our names for us. He finished and then proceeded to add something in the middle, and when he handed it to us, he read from left to right, “Savannah + Sam” . I then asked what was in the middle. He looked up and blushed, “together forever”. 

Anonymous said: Hi! I love your photos, and your writing! #inspiring !!

Thank you very very much anon! 

Life at 8:20pm

Life is crazy, life is a mystery, life is beautiful, life is never what you expect it to be. 

I never expected to fall in love. To fall into a passionate, serious, real type of love. A love where you know exactly what you are doing without knowing anything at all. A love where you appreciate even the way his skin wrinkles up at his eyes when he smiles. 
I never expected to arrive home from Austria to the person I love, only for the news that he will be joining the army. Nothing but supportive could I be, and still I am. What is more exciting for a relationship comprised of two hearts overflowing with the craving for adventure? This is who we are as individuals and what we are as a unit together. We only had been in a relationship, moreover, only had KNOWN each other for 2.5 months before I picked up and left to the other side of the globe and took our relationship with me. I was away from him for the same amount of time that I had known him, and it only made us stronger, and solidified our bond. I believe that was the foundation for what lies ahead for us; adventure yes, but trials, and a life beyond the ordinary relationship. 

Already I am reaping the benefits, of loving someone who not only loves me, but embraces the insanity that life throws at us. Never have I felt so sure in a world full of uncertainty. I will go back to Vienna, and he will join the army, and I will love him always.

I have faith in the good of life, and feel it every day I am alive. 

"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. " - The Alchemist 

Summer mornings. 

Anonymous said: do you have a significant other

Why, yes. A very significant other indeed. Un petit ami. 

Can you guess whose is whose? #food #foodporn #breakfast #coffee #coffeporn #delicious #yum #bestoftheday #photooftheday #beautiful #orangecounty #fullerton #downtown #socal #california #cafe (hier: Rialto Cafe Downtown Fullerton)