Craving the Universe

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing" - Helen Keller

The ivy on this building is fabulous! (hier: Vienna, Austria)

Love this winter garden space….

Searching for rooms has brought me to some bizarre and beautiful places. (hier: Wien Penzing)

The colors and textures in this stand were excellent! (hier: Mödling)

Charming overload in Mödling this afternoon! (hier: Mödling)

Also, the streets. Not just this street, almost every street. I am not quite sure I’ll ever get tired of walking around. (hier: Vienna, Austria)

Some cute place in the 7th I hope to stumble upon again! (hier: Vienna, Austria)

I missed spring and summer but I’ll take autumn just as well! (hier: Schloß Schönbrunn)

Its everywhere!! (hier: Vienna, Austria)

The sun has been out all day today! 😊💗🌞 (hier: Hietzing)

Definitely a nice place to ale a break from running around…. and study! (hier: Pickwick’s International Pub, Book and Video store)

So tired…. But who cares?! I am in Vienna! (hier: Flughafen Wien - Vienna Airport)

Maps & Macaroons

If it isn’t obvious, the best macaroons I have ever tasted were from a small shop on a side street in Paris. Also, I was phone less. I had no service except for wifi, therefore I fumbled my way around the city with only a paper map, decent French, and my sense of direction. 

Paris, France

Anonymous New follower! Just wanted to say I love your photos!!!

Welcome! :) 

&& Thank you so much!

An artist’s nook (if you look closely you can see him behind the door). 

Paris, France 2014

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